Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bradley's healing

Bradley the dog is an Irish water hound with a beautiful brown coat and a skinny tail. One day he did something strange to his back leg by jumping on the bed. Afterwards he was reluctant to walk and unable to jump or go up and down the stairs. He just moped around with his tail tucked between his legs.

I treated Bradley on his owners' motoryacht. As I sat on the floor with him applying energy to his back leg, I was in danger of being licked to death. At one point he even playfully pushed me over.

After about 15 minutes of treatment Bradley's "dad" came home. Bradley quickly abandoned me and ran bounding up the stairs to greet "dad". Bradley's mom Astrid told me that she was able to take Bradley for a walk right afterwards and that by next morning Bradley was fully back to normal, with no trace of any injury. No further treatment was needed.

Bradley and Astrid

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