Friday, November 18, 2011

A testimonial

This is from a fellow "karateka" called Noel, whose hand I "fixed" back in 2005 when I still did mostly Reiki. Here is Noel's description of his condition and his treatment:
I was SO skeptical...
A Japanese system of hands off healing?

About a year ago I busted my pinky finger during martial arts training. Being an older student I am painfully aware of the growing limitations of the human body yet because of the indomitable will and spiritual aspects of karate, I refused to put a cast on my hand and instead used a temporary splint while continuing to train. Maybe I was just being stubborn.

Boxer facture splint

The healing process and chronic pain dragged on and on.

My doctor, as well as my wife, a pharmacist, prescribed pain and anti-inflammatory medications. My chiropractor, himself a martial artist, readjusted my finger often and had me ice on/ice off it for months. My sister-in-law, a health practitioner/ scientist brought around her company's laser device which, after years of clinical trials, has been licensed by the US FDA as a reliable non-invasive medical healing tool. I did weeks and weeks of daily short-burst laser therapy. All to no avail.

One day, after training, a Sensei (teacher) at my dojo, Judith, approached me and asked if I had ever heard of Reiki. No, I hadn't.

Maybe I was tired from the training that day. I certainly was exhausted from the chronic pain in my hand, and maybe even fed up from trying in so many unsuccessful ways to fix it -- I was vulnerable!

"OK, why not?" I removed my splint and Judith cupped my hand without touching. I watched incredulously as she moved her hand around the break site manipulating and massaging with some unseen energy. She asked if I felt anything. "Yes, I do" I said. (Quite honestly I felt only embarrassment.) But moments later when encouraged to close my eyes in relaxed concentration I DID feel something other than the aching I had become so used to -- a warmth -- a kind of pressure -- soothing it was. She left it at that.

A few days later Judith did [another treatment], and a few days after that I took my splint off for good.
Thank you, Noel.

More "guerilla healing"

This one was a freebie. I noticed that one of the women in my fitness class was moving very gingerly and not turning her neck and torso much or extending her arms fully. Since she's usually very enthusiastic, and gets right into the spirit of our martial arts based fitness class, I asked her what was up. She said her car had been rear-ended and she had whiplash, and was being treated by two physiotherapists, who were saying that she should get an MRI because they were concerned about her cervical vertebrae. She also said she was going on holiday soon and hoped that being in pain would not interfere.

I treated her for about 15 minutes with a combination of energy healing techniques, including Matrix Energetics. The first thing I noticed was that she was all "crooked" -- not a very technical term, but that's the best way to describe it. You could almost see where the other car hit from the way her back was torqued. She didn't feel much during the treatment, but afterwards she was no longer crooked, and she said she felt "looser".

I saw her in class again the next day, and she was back to her usual enthusiastic self, with no restriction of movement. I commented on how much more fluidly she was moving, and she said to me, with a big grin, "isn't it amazing what your body can do when you know you are going on holidays?"

Isn't it.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bradley's healing

Bradley the dog is an Irish water hound with a beautiful brown coat and a skinny tail. One day he did something strange to his back leg by jumping on the bed. Afterwards he was reluctant to walk and unable to jump or go up and down the stairs. He just moped around with his tail tucked between his legs.

I treated Bradley on his owners' motoryacht. As I sat on the floor with him applying energy to his back leg, I was in danger of being licked to death. At one point he even playfully pushed me over.

After about 15 minutes of treatment Bradley's "dad" came home. Bradley quickly abandoned me and ran bounding up the stairs to greet "dad". Bradley's mom Astrid told me that she was able to take Bradley for a walk right afterwards and that by next morning Bradley was fully back to normal, with no trace of any injury. No further treatment was needed.

Bradley and Astrid