A skeptical doctor is surprised when his knee is healed

I injured my knee 2 years ago and developed persistent pain. It was interfering with walking, exercising and even driving. I tried anti-inflammatory medications, and an orthopedic surgeon injected steroids in the knee. As a physician (I am a neurologist) I have very conservative views of how illness occurs and how treatments work, but I became desperate. I was really skeptical when Judith offered to help me. To my complete astonishment (and joy) the healing touch worked, and the pain gradually disappeared after a month. I am able to do everything now, and I don’t take any pain killers. I still don’t know how or why the treatment worked, but work it did. I am grateful to Judith for what she did.

George Adam, MD, FRCPC

Chronic knee injury and rotator cuff healed

I have always thought that I believed in the ability of the human body to heal itself given the right set of criteria. I also thought I understood what "healing touch" was, but until Judith helped me out with a rotator cuff injury, which was at least a year old, and an old bum knee that was decades in the making, I had never experienced the energy power of a healer. Well, I believe now. Judith has an amazing ability. The few sessions we had not only freed me from pain, but have also kept it away. My knee remains completely free of pain, and my rotator cuff injury has completely healed. Granted, I am a person who works hard at keeping my strength up and continuing to work at building muscle, but I believe Judith's treatments were instrumental to my healing process.

Allison Grant

A dog gets his frisk back

Bradley, my Irish Water Spaniel, developed mobility problems in one of his hind legs. He was unable to use the leg, which meant he could no longer go up or down the stairs or jump on the bed, his favourite sleeping quarters. It was heartbreaking to watch a very active and agile dog suddenly turn into an invalid. Then he met Judith. After a session with her, he was jumping and running as before. Thanks to Judith's healing ability, we have our happy, healthy dog back. And when Bradley is happy, we are happy. We are grateful to Judith and her amazing ability to heal.

Astrid Elkins

A martial artist gets his punch back

About a year ago I busted my pinky finger during martial arts training. Being an older student I am painfully aware of the growing limitations of the human body yet because of the indomitable will and spiritual aspects of karate, I refused to put a cast on my hand and instead used a temporary splint while continuing to train.

The healing process and chronic pain dragged on and on.

My doctor, as well as my wife, a pharmacist, prescribed pain and anti-inflammatory medications. My chiropractor, himself a martial artist, readjusted my finger often and had me ice on/ice off it for months. My sister-in-law, a health practitioner/ scientist brought around her company's laser device which, after years of clinical trials, has been licensed by the US FDA as a reliable non-invasive medical healing tool. I did weeks and weeks of daily short-burst laser therapy. All to no avail.

One day, after training, a Sensei (teacher) at my dojo, Judith, approached me and asked if I had ever heard of Reiki. No, I hadn't.

Judith cupped my hand without touching. I watched incredulously as she moved her hand around the break site manipulating and massaging with some unseen energy. She asked if I felt anything. "Yes, I do" I said. (Quite honestly I felt only embarrassment.) But moments later when encouraged to close my eyes in relaxed concentration I DID feel something other than the aching I had become so used to -- a warmth -- a kind of pressure -- soothing it was. She left it at that.

A few days later Judith did [another treatment], and a few days after that I took my splint off for good.

Noel S.

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