Saturday, October 6, 2012

Another successful knee intervention

Emily came to me with soreness and swelling in her knee after having moved into a home with many stairs. Her knees had been quite painful for a few months and she was worried about a swelling just south of the kneecap which her doctor thought might be water. After a 1-hour treatment she said she was walking easier, with a lot less pain. The next day she reported that she felt well enough to go dancing and that the pain had returned afterwards, but at a lesser intensity. We did a second treatment. After this, I didn't see her for a few weeks. When I met her again, she said she was completely pain-free and the swelling had gone down considerably. We then did a third treatment to address the swelling, with the results TBA.

Perhaps I should add here that the usual pattern of healing with "bioenergetic rehabilitation" is that while there is immediate improvement after the first session, the pain can return at lesser intensity a few days later (the time varies). A second treatment usually produces a longer period of improvement. After each treatment there is usually improvement, until the condition resolves or a plateau is reached. Even at the plateau there is less pain and greater mobility than before. Usually in three to four treatments people reach a place where they are comfortable enough to stop. If you are one of the few for whom bioenergy is not an answer, you will know after the first session.

However, I have also seen clients who came in with significant, long-standing pain, and left with very little pain or no pain, and who told me that the pain relief lasted. I still like to do four sessions, but in the case of people who benefit immediately, the sessions can be spaced out over a few months, as their condition requires.

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