Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Healer, heal thyself (2)

No idea how it happened, but Saturday morning I woke up with a pain in my hip that had me limping. It was most annoying, as I had just signed up for a two-day yoga intensive. Luckily it was restorative yoga, but I still had to get there (and back) on public transit, and that translated into more walking than I thought I might be able to do.

I had had SI joint issues before, and had been given exercises for it by a physiotherapist, so I began by doing those exercises, and then I threw in some stretching for good measure. Nope. That didn't work. Next, I tried qigong. I figured standing like a tree for 10-minutes or so might do some good. That didn't work either.

By this point I was getting a little desperate. I am not used to having something wrong with me and I began to think "what if this never goes away? what if it's the beginning of something terrible?" It didn't help that someone I knew had just last year gone through the experience of having what he thought was a pulled muscle turn out to be a rare and nasty cancer. Plus, the clock was ticking, and I needed to go to that workshop.

So finally, in desperation, I turned to my art. I don't know why I thought of energy healing last. Maybe it's because we are often told that it doesn't work as well on self as others. I gave myself a treatment -- and my hip felt better. In fact, I was surprised at how much better it felt. I made it to the workshop (where sitting on the floor made it a bit worse again), then made it home, then treated it some more, and slept with a rolled up towel under my knee. By Sunday evening it was 90-95% better, and on Monday evening I taught three karate classes and a fitness class with no difficulty whatsoever.

Truly, the stuff never ceases to amaze me.

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