Friday, November 18, 2011

A testimonial

This is from a fellow "karateka" called Noel, whose hand I "fixed" back in 2005 when I still did mostly Reiki. Here is Noel's description of his condition and his treatment:
I was SO skeptical...
A Japanese system of hands off healing?

About a year ago I busted my pinky finger during martial arts training. Being an older student I am painfully aware of the growing limitations of the human body yet because of the indomitable will and spiritual aspects of karate, I refused to put a cast on my hand and instead used a temporary splint while continuing to train. Maybe I was just being stubborn.

Boxer facture splint

The healing process and chronic pain dragged on and on.

My doctor, as well as my wife, a pharmacist, prescribed pain and anti-inflammatory medications. My chiropractor, himself a martial artist, readjusted my finger often and had me ice on/ice off it for months. My sister-in-law, a health practitioner/ scientist brought around her company's laser device which, after years of clinical trials, has been licensed by the US FDA as a reliable non-invasive medical healing tool. I did weeks and weeks of daily short-burst laser therapy. All to no avail.

One day, after training, a Sensei (teacher) at my dojo, Judith, approached me and asked if I had ever heard of Reiki. No, I hadn't.

Maybe I was tired from the training that day. I certainly was exhausted from the chronic pain in my hand, and maybe even fed up from trying in so many unsuccessful ways to fix it -- I was vulnerable!

"OK, why not?" I removed my splint and Judith cupped my hand without touching. I watched incredulously as she moved her hand around the break site manipulating and massaging with some unseen energy. She asked if I felt anything. "Yes, I do" I said. (Quite honestly I felt only embarrassment.) But moments later when encouraged to close my eyes in relaxed concentration I DID feel something other than the aching I had become so used to -- a warmth -- a kind of pressure -- soothing it was. She left it at that.

A few days later Judith did [another treatment], and a few days after that I took my splint off for good.
Thank you, Noel.

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