Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Participants wanted for bioenergy healing knee study

I have had a good deal of success treating injured and painful knees and have had many people vouch for my skill. However, all this is "anecdotal", which carries little weight with the medical community. As a result, I would like to do a more comprehensive study of the effectiveness of "bioenergetic rehabilitation" in treating knee pain. Please note that bioenergetic rehabilitation does not involve physical manipulation of the knee.

I am looking for participants located in Toronto for the hands-on portion of the study and for participants living anywhere in Canada, the U.S., or the U.K. for the distance portion. Participants will be asked to provide a name, a recent photograph, and contact information, and to fill out a questionnaire about their condition and their attitudes to energy healing prior to receiving treatment. Four half-hour treatments will be given, with follow-up in between and afterwards. The cash value of the treatments is $200, but they will be offered free in exhange for participation in the study. Participants agree not to receive other treatment such as acupuncture, physiotherapy, or chiropractic for the duration of the study, which should be a month.

Please click here if you would like to participate or if you have questions.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Yet another successful knee intervention

This testimonial came from a skeptical MD:

"I injured my knee 2 years ago and developed persistent pain. It was interfering with walking, exercising and even driving. I tried anti-inflammatory medications, and an orthopedic surgeon injected steroids in the knee. As a physician (I am a neurologist) I have very conservative views of how illness occurs and how treatments work, but I became desperate. I was really skeptical when Judith offered to help me. To my complete astonishment (and joy) the healing touch worked, and the pain gradually disappeared after a month. I am able to do everything now, and I don’t take any pain killers. I still don’t know how or why the treatment worked, but work it did. I am grateful to Judith for what she did."

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