Wednesday, May 20, 2015

"Physician, heal thyself!"

When we learn energy healing we are taught that self-healing is not as effective as healing others, but it can be done.

The day before yesterday I was cleaning out my locker when I turned to move something and suddenly felt a pop in the back of my leg just above the knee. A pop like that is never good news. Immediately afterwards I felt pain. Luckily it was not sharp pain but a dull ache that spread up my leg towards the hip and down into my calf. There was also an odd watery sensation inside the leg. The good news was that I could still stand and also still walk, albeit with a slight limp. I limped over to a picnic table and sat down and gave the leg some energy. It got somewhat better, so I went back to work. But walking and standing made it worse again, so I took periodic energy healing breaks. BTW I was cleaning out the results of a mouse infestation, so stopping was not really an option.

After I finished the job of cleaning, a Reiki-trained friend came by and I asked him to treat my leg. The dull ache eased. Then overnight I applied cotton. I had learned both in my Reiki training and from Bill Bengston that natural substances can be charged with healing energy. Both cotton and water hold the "charge". So I charged some cotton and wrapped it around my leg. By morning it was about 80 per cent better, but I was still conscious of favouring it when I was walking. By afternoon I didn't even notice it. Today I ran for the streetcar and I noticed that my leg wasn't particularly happy about that little burst of unusual activity. So I will keep on treating it, and rest is probably a good idea too. I did some internet research and from what I see it's likely a small hamstring tear. That "pop" was quite reminiscent of what I felt when I tore my gastrocnemius back in 1995. I think it's a small tear because I am still standing. But I also think it's getting better a lot faster than it would have without energy.

This reminds of previous instances when I applied healing to injuries and then was told by a doctor or a physiotherapist on the follow-up visit that the injury was "a lot better than it had any right to be." I also had a root canal go bad once with the infection going up into bone and showing up as a cloudy halo on an x-ray. The dentist told me that the effect to the bone was likely permanent and if in subsequent x-rays the cloudy halo got bigger, he would send me to an endodontist to clean in out. Not a pleasant prospect, so I applied Reiki. On the next x-ray there was no halo. The dentist thought that was "interesting." I thought it was just great.

Update, May 25th: By mid-week, the leg was almost at 100%. Then yesterday I taught three karate classes and a fitness class, doing full kicks, stretches, and jumping jacks with not a single complaint from the leg or any negative after-effects. I'd say it's fixed.

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