Question: How many sessions will it take to heal my injury?
Answer: It depends in part on the seriousness of the injury, what type of tissue is involved, and how long you've had it. Some injuries are healed in one session. Others take longer. I've seldom given more than four treatments for any injury. Some chronic injuries have cleared up in two sessions and some have improved enough in four that no further treatment was needed. You will know by the morning of the day after the first treatment whether this is going to work for you.

Question: Will the treatment involve pain or manipulation?
Answer: No. I work in the energy field. Most of the time there is no touch required.

Question: Do you need to know what's wrong with me?
Answer: No. Because I work in the energy field, what I treat are the breaks in the flow. Usually my hands will know where the injury is without me having to be told ahead of time what I am looking for.

Question: What will I feel?
Answer: A very small minority of people feel nothing. Others report warmth, heat, tingling, electricity, magnetism, and/or feeling movement. At the end of the treatment they report a feeling of lightness and usually better mobility and less pain.

Question: Is there any scientific basis for this stuff?
Answer: I am so glad you asked. There are two books on the subject: one is James Oschman, PhD, Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis, and the other Claude Swanson, PhD, Life Force: The Scientific Basis. James Oschman was a biologist who wrecked his back bending over microscopes. After he was fixed with the help of an energy practitioner, he said, "What is this stuff? How does it work? And why haven't I heard about it?" In his book he describes how the energy issuing from the hands of healers cycles through all the frequencies required by various tissues of the body to jump start healing. Claude Swanson's book is more recent, and a hefty tome, and it summarizes all the relevant experiments to date including those done in Russia and China. A third man with a PhD, Dr. William Bengston, did studies with mice, healing them of cancers that no mouse had previously survived. In one of the experiments he put geomagnetic probes near their cages. The probes showed noticeable geomagnetic effects at the times the healings took place, with the random low-frequency geomagnetic pulsations of the earth organizing into a visible wave. The term used for the effect is "negative entropy". If you know the connotations of entropy, which people interpret as things tending towards maximum disorder, you will immediately grasp that "negative entropy" is the opposite. You could say that energy healing reimposes order in tissues that have been energetically disrupted.

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