Thursday, September 9, 2010

Why bioenergy?

I would like to begin by introducing you the work of James Oschmann, PhD, a biologist whose book Energy Healing: The Scientific Basis changed the way I looked at the "woo woo" stuff I was doing to people when I was treating them.

Dr. Oschman spent about twenty years poring over cell cultures through a microscope and in the process thoroughly wrecked his back. He was healed by a bioenergy practitioner and his experience prompted him to ask "what is this, how does it work, and why have I not heard of it before?" He then applied his scientific training to studying the problem and published his findings in a book.

He found quite a bit of research on the application of electromagnetic frequencies to injured tissue for the purpose of jump-starting healing. Here is a quote from an interview he did with William Rand:

The important frequencies for stimulating tissue repair are all in the biologically important extremely low frequency (ELF) range. Two cycles per second (Hz) is effective for nerve regeneration, seven Hz is optimal for bone growth, ten Hz is used for ligaments,and somewhat higher frequencies work for skin and capillaries.

What is important about all of this is evidence that practitioners of various hands-on and hands-off [bioenergy healing] therapies ... can emit ELF signals from their hands.

This was discovered in a valuable study by Dr. John Zimmerman ... [who] found that this pulsing field is produced by the hands of practitioners ..., but [that] non-practitioners do not produce such signals.

Zimmerman found that the pulsing field produced by the hands of practitioners is not steady in frequency, but varies from moment to moment. The frequency sweeps up and down through the very same range of frequencies in the ELF band that medical researchers have identified as being effective for jump starting the healing process in the various tissues they have investigated

Energy healing is real. It's as real as any of the machines your physiotherapist or kinesiologist hooks you up to for the purpose of speeding up the healing of your injury. The advantage of having a bioenergy therapist treat you instead of a machine is that the treatment you receive from the energy healer will be customized to the needs of your body.

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