Saturday, July 23, 2016

Bioenergy for burns

Energy healing is not just for sports injuries -- it can also help burns.

A few weeks ago I returned home to find police and emergency response personnel in my neighbourhood. It turned out that the child of a neighbour had somehow managed to fall on a hot barbecue, sustaining second degree burns to her hands and a large third degree burn to her leg.

I couldn't help on the spot because the girl was being tended to by paramedics, who then took her away to a hospital. But when she returned the next day, sporting large white bandages, I asked her and her dad for permission to treat her.

I love treating pets and children because they have no preconceived notions about energy healing and are therefore completely open to receiving it. This little girl giggled because she thought it felt "strange". First of all, her pain went away, and that was huge. She literally felt it being "pulled out". She also felt as if there were a cool breeze blowing over the burnt flesh (which was completely covered by bandages), soothing it. When I had her rest her leg on her dad's knee so I could treat her third-degree burn, he said "whoa!" because he too felt the "pulling out" sensation. And when we were done, she literally skipped to their door, a lot more cheerful and energetic than she had been when she came out to meet me.

When she saw the cosmetic surgeon the next day, the burns on her hands were well on their way to healing, the bandages were replaced with large band aids, and the doctor said there would be no scarring. In fact there hasn't been scarring -- her hands are good as new. She still wears a bandage on her leg to protect the newly healed skin from the sun, but she has already been swimming.

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