Saturday, March 16, 2013

Update on knee study

My knee study is proceeding apace -- except now it's a knee and shoulder study. People are coming in saying "yes, I have a knee problem but my (fill in the blank) is worse". Sometimes the fill in the blank, for instance plantar fasciitis or heel pain, would affect the gait and therefore the knee, so it makes sense for me to treat it as well. And so many people responded who had shoulder issues that I expanded the study to include shoulders.

I am meeting some very interesting people. So far everyone has been a believer in energy healing. But I don't just want believers. I also want to include people who know nothing about energy healing and people who think it's bunk. In the intake questionnaire I ask respondents both about their injury and their general attitude to energy healing. I am curious to see whether belief correlates to outcome.

Respondents receive four free energy treatments for their condition. In addition to the intake questionnaire, there is regular follow-up to document progress. Ultimately my hope is to take the results (if the results warrant) to doctors who deal with patients who are waiting for knee surgery and to present energy healing to them as an alternative to the current protocols used for pain relief.

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