Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Surgical wait times for knee replacements not improving - CBC

I just ran across this item on CBC news: "surgical wait times for priority medical treatments like hip and knee replacements are not going down despite concerted efforts in all provinces to improve the situation, a new report shows."

That means there are a lot of you and a lot of your loved ones out there in considerable pain, suffering daily and looking at a diminished quality of life, not able to do many things that make life worth living.

You are probably taking pain-killers and anti-inflammatories, receiving steroid injections, and possibly having painful physiotherapy and even paying for it out of pocket.

At the same time you are probably unaware that there is something out there that could help you: bioenergetic rehabilitation.

If you were willing to try it, you could already experience noticeable change after one single treatment. There is no manipulation of tissue; no drugs; only bioenergy. You may feel some heat, some electricity, some tingling, or nothing at all but an easing, relaxation, and less pain. If it doesn't work for you, you will know it the day after that first treatment. But if it works, you might be amazed at the change.

One person who was amazed was my former fellow college alumnus George, now a neurologist, whose debilitating knee pain gradually vanished after one single treatment. He needed pain-killers to drive and when I asked him what his pain level was on a scale of 0 to 10 when he came, he said it was 8. He had had the knee condition for two years and even steroid injections had only helped temporarily. His knee felt better immediately after I treated him, two weeks later his pain level was 3 (and he no longer needed pain-killers to drive) and over the space of a month he said his pain went away. He was so impressed, he wrote a testimonial on my website.

Please come and try it. You could be in less pain and experiencing more mobility tomorrow, instead of waiting for months or years.

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