Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bioenergetic Rehabilitation

"Bioenergetic rehabilitation" is the application of bioenergy healing practices to injuries to allow the sufferer to return to normal activity faster. It works in conjunction with physiotherapy, but it also works instead, or after physiotherapy has failed or reached its limits.

Here is an example.

About two months ago I began treating a woman I'll call "Ann" for purposes of anonymity. Ann is in her early sixties, tall, athletic, and more youthful than her age. Last year she took a nasty fall and broke her hand and wrist, as well as injuring her hip and shoulder.

Her experience with the helping professions was less than stellar. Her break was not set properly and her cast was put on too tight, and when she complained no one listened. By the time the cast came off, she could not bend her fingers or use her hand. She could not rotate her lower arm to turn her palm upwards. And due to the shoulder injury, she could not raise her arm. She could not work because she could not type, and she was compromised in her daily life because she could not grasp or holds things with her right hand.

By the time she came to me, she had had it with physio. She had "given up on her doctor, and her doctor had given up on her". She was more or less resigned to having to live the rest of life with these physical limitations.

Over the next few weeks I gave her a series of relatively short treatments. With each treatment, we saw improvement. She can now raise her arm. She can turn her hand palm upwards. Her ability to grasp and hold things has improved, as she told me, "1000 per cent". And most importantly, she can type again, so she is now able to work. To all intents and purposes, she now hardly notices any handicap in her daily life. That's what bioenergetic rehabilitation is all about.

The beauty of these treatments is that there is no manipulation or pain. Improvement happens naturally, organically, the body healing itself from within.

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