Thursday, April 23, 2015

A case of residual problems after knee surgery

I have a new student in my "Functional Fitness" class, a woman who has had both knees replaced. The first knee replacement was uneventful, but the second one left her with residual problems. One of the muscles attached to the knee doesn't work and she cannot straighten her leg fully. This results in balance problems, which means that in class she sometimes has to hold on to a chair with both hands to maintain her balance. She is finished with her physio.

We have been working on her balance, on straightening the leg, and on activating that one particular muscle. I gave her exercises and I've been treating her knee after every class she attends. Her balance is noticeably improved and she is able to straighten her leg more fully. This combination of exercise and energy healing is what I call "bioenergetic rehabilitation" and I recommend it after surgery. What I recommend even more, however, is having it before surgery, because it can make surgery altogether unnecessary or considerably delay the necessity of having it.

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